Mississippi Credit Report Settlement

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is this Settlement about?

The lawsuit claims that the Defendants violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and The Mississippi Consumer Protection Act, in their provision of credit disclosures on Mississippi residents. The lawsuit also claims that the Defendants engaged in marketing and sales of their credit monitoring products and credit scores in violation of the law.

The Defendants deny any and all wrongdoing but have agreed to settle the case in order to avoid a lengthy and costly trial. Both parties believe a settlement is best for everyone involved.

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2. Am I eligible?

If you are of legal age and your current mailing address is in Mississippi, you are an Eligible Mississippi Consumer.

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3. What does the Settlement provide?

The first 50,000 Eligible Mississippi Consumers who register online will receive an activation code, good for enrollment in the benefits at a website, allowing free, unlimited access to their credit report for three years. Eligible Mississippi Consumers may also receive their FICO score once a year, for three years, at no charge. Retention of the Settlement benefits is subject to the terms of use provided on the benefits website.

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4. When will I get my activation code?

Activation codes will be e-mailed on a monthly basis to all Eligible Mississippi Consumers, until 50,000 have been sent out, or until the registration deadline has passed, whichever happens first.

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5. How long is my code good for?

You will have a six month period to use your activation code to set up an account at the website provided to you.

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6. How long can I check my credit score?

You may check your credit report for free for three years, starting when you enroll. You will have complete, unlimited access to your current credit report. You will also have access to your FICO score, once a year, for three years, at no cost. These benefits are not transferable to anyone else.

At the end of three years these benefits will automatically expire.

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7. What happens if I do nothing at all?

If you do nothing at all, you will not get an activation code for free access to your credit report and FICO score.

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